Our Health & Safety Statement

Our commitment to improving Health & Safety at work is what we consider to be our most important mission.


All of our Employees and Sub-Contractors are trained and approved to regulated Health & Safety standards enabling them to identify potential risks and hazards surrounding the working environment, and to take positive, hazard removal action.


Ashdale M & E and our stakeholders will be encouraged to work only with joint venture partners and clients who are willing to commit to the same high expectations and adherence to essential Health & Safety practice.

Provide adequate training for our staff to enable them to work safely and effectively, and to ensure they are competent and confident in the work they carry out.
Carry out and regularly review risk assessments to identify hazards and existing control measures. We will prioritise, plan and complete any corrective actions required to reduce risk to an acceptable level.
Maintain our premises and work equipment to a standard that ensures that risks are effectively managed.
Ensure that responsibilities for Health and Safety are allocated, understood, monitored and fulfilled.