Mechanical Services

Low loss header sizing and manufacture.

We can provide headers to suit any system at very competitive rates. From simple box headers to bespoke arrangements, we offer the header to suit your layout instead of being tied to the manufacturers design, material choice and price. Available in copper, mildsteel or stainless steel. We can add insulation jackets, floor or wall supports and air-dirt separation as options.


Bespoke manifolds

These can offer huge time, labour and material savings compared to using standard fittings. They also add to the professional look of your project and reduce the number of possible leaking joints. Available in mildsteel, stainless steel and copper in any size and arrangement. They can also be supplied pre-fitted with valves and instruments.


Our services are also:


  • LTHW heating systems,
  • MTHW heating installations,
  • steam installations,
  • plumbing installations,
  • automatic controls installations,
  • ventilation installations,
  • stainless steel fabrication,
  • air conditioning installations,
  • saintaryware installation,
  • soils and wastes,
  • renewable energy installations.